Little girl faces big reality

My dad was hospitalized after a car accident the other day. He's fairly banged up with a bunch of broken bones, but he'll live.

The dilemma I faced was telling the Little Girl. She has heard that people she knew died, but she was never part of the drama.

Still, I couldn't hide the emotion and the basic logistics of dealing with my dad. So I told her. My daughter cried in fear and sadness, and I held her a good, long time.

She'd heard her grandmother had been in a hospital when she'd died. "Is grandpa going to die?" she asked.

I told her that my father would survive this, and it calmed her.

My father was touched that she reacted this way. I was upset that she became so unhappy. But I was also proud that she cared enough about one of her people.

I may have been guilty of letting my girl think the world is all party balloons and cupcakes. A little reality is important to help her grow.

But it just kills me to see her so hurt.