Daddy's heart may not explode after all

Science is now telling us that fathers raising children have lower rates of heart attacks and heart disease.

As if I needed another excuse, my love for my daughter now deepens.

The news doesn’t jibe, however, with everything everyone has ever told me about raising girls – namely, that they’ll drive you to an early grave.

The stuff you have to worry about – pouty entitlement, slammed-door interactions, and boys, boys, boys – sounds grave enough to me.

What I find fascinating is how people with grown kids seem to take delight in telling me things like, “Wait till she’s 15. The stress will make your organs explode.”

Folks who impart such warnings, of course, seem to want me to experience that pain. They’re like plebes who survived hazing at military school, and can’t wait to spread the anguish: We went through it, so why shouldn’t you?

I’m guessing I’ve got my share of heartache ahead. But I like knowing that the love of a sweet child can actually help a father’s heart, and extend his life.

That’s a good trade-off -- one I’d sign up for every day.