Zooming in on companies

One approach to getting a job is to just scour the job boards or the want-ads for any work. But there is a more targeted approach. And that approach is to choose companies that seem like they'd be good fits and then try to find a way in. That assumes that companies have internal openings and needs that may not make it onto the job boards.

So how do you find these companies? Career counselor Sue Kaiden of CareerEdge LLC in Media said that one place to start is Zoominfo. Kaiden, an officer in the suburban church-based network of support groups for the unemployed, Joseph's People, also is active in GetWorks, the jobs group at Media Presbyterian Church

Zoominfo does require people to set up a profile, but it also has a sortable index of companies. You can sort by industry keywords and by other attributes including zip code. Just for fun, I put in publishing and my home zip code. Two unfamiliar companies emerged. Truthfully, I'm a bit skeptical about these companies. They seem like awfully large enterprises to be in my mostly residential zip code. But, they'd probably be worth a look.

Check back tomorrow for a little more help. And remember, don't do this searching when you could be out meeting people!