Wrinkle-free job hunting. It's You!

Important news you can use: You gotta be vibrant at all times if you want to get a job. To be relevant in today's workplace, make sure you have no wrinkles. Skills, experience? Unimportant. Sadly, we know there is some truth in the necessity of looking youthful and healthy, but what I find really offensive is the marketing to people's insecurities, especially when being unemployed is all about being insecure. 

Normally, I might paraphrase a ridiculous press release, but in this case, I'd prefer to cut and paste, because I think the full-fledged offensiveness of it may get lost in the translation. (Please excuse any font weirdness.) Out of kindness, I'm going to remove the name of the public relations person, assuming that this is some poor schnook that needs a job like the rest of us.   

Hi Jane,



In a fiercely competitive job market, candidates – both men and women alike – are doing everything they can to get a leg up on the competition – including electing for cosmetic procedures to ensure they look energetic and healthy. 


According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 75 percent of physicians surveyed said they had treated patients who requested facial plastic surgery to stay competitive and relevant in the workplace.  In addition, a survey done by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that 73 percent of people believed that appearance and youthful looks play a part in getting hired or getting ahead in business.


Recent advances in cosmetic procedures may be fueling this trend as patients can get a freshened look with minimum downtime.  Some of the advances include:


  • Dysport Injections: Unlike Botox, Dysport injections are dosed by the recipient’s muscle mass and thus allow a full range of facial expressions to prevail while the appearance of wrinkles is reduced for up to four months per treatment


  • LifeSculpt Laser Lipolysis: LifeSuclpt employs a minimally invasive dual wavelength laser designed to target and melt fat cells, enabling most recipients to resume normal activities in a day or so with limited bruising or swelling 


  • Palomar 1540 Fractionated Laser: Painlessly eliminates the appearance of a wide range of scars from surgical to burns; three to four 10-minute treatments over time can erase both new and old scars


Let me know if I can put you in touch with a leading aesthetics physician who can talk about the latest procedures job seekers are getting to stay vibrant-looking. 




XXX P. Schnook


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