Will GOP change delay hiring?

If there's one lesson I've learned in covering business, it's that business people crave stability of above all. Even a negative regulation is better than a changing regulation. Change can paralyze businesses, as they stay on the sidelines with hiring or product development, waiting to see how the changes play out. Can't blame them, but it poses a problem when we have nearly 15 million unemployed. 

So, what worries me a little is that it seemed that the uncertainity over the health care overhaul, which was being blamed right and left for slowness in hiring, was beginning to resolve itself into the ordinary lobbying that goes into regulation making. Some orderliness seemed to be underway. Now everything is up in the air again. Aside from whether individual provisions and concerns have merit and should be revisited, I just hate to see anything that slows hiring. People need to be working, if our economy is to move again.

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