Wary about the economy

Whatever the economists are saying, workers still remain wary about the job market, according to a survey by Glassdoor.com, an online workplace community with its non-virtual headquarters in California. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, indicates that nearly half of all employees expect their company's situation to remain the same in the next six months, while 39 percent expect some improvement. About half of all employees don't expect any wage increases in the next year. Only a third expect any kind of increase. Companies were still announcing layoffs in the second quarter, but were also adding unpaid furloughs, bonus reductions, mandatory vacations and job restructuring. Two out of five employees believe they'd be able to find similar at similar pay if laid off, but 31 percent say that's unlikely. Older workers and those who are unemployed are the most doubtful about being able to find similar work at similar pay. Scary, isn't it?