The media, unemployment and Jane

The Pew Research Center published a study yesterday saying that the media's coverage of the gravest economic crisis since the Great Depression has largely been covered from the top down and that the voices of the unemployed and others who have suffered have largely been absent.

What do you think? I have a weird reaction to these studies about the "media." Of course, I am a member of the "media" and happy to be working, actually.  But, then again, I'm also a mother, and a wife, and volunteer etc., etc. So it seems disconcerting. Are they talking about me? Jane? Anyway -- I hope I've been including the voice of the people in my stories. But I also think that any one who is unemployed, and there are many who are, or have been, already understand the pain and sorrow that goes with it.  I can write about that and I have, but I think we need to bring more than an individual's sad tale to the readers. I wrestle with whether those tales are exploitative. In my opinion, when we, or rather when I, write about an individual's suffering, I want to place it in a larger context, because, otherwise, it smacks of voyeurism. Comments? Am I missing something? Please let me know.