Target, target, target

The key in using the computer as a job search tool is to focus on quality, not quantity. Target, target, target. Focus on sites and sources that target your particular industry, occupation, or job function. Don't forget location. For example, if you are thinking of touching base with a recruiter, it helps to find one who specializes in your industry or job function.

That's why career counselor Sue Kaiden, an officer with the church-based unemployment support group, Joseph's People, and the founder of CareerEdge LLC in Media, recommends the Recruiter Network website. I've been cribbing from her material all week, and as I get ready to take a break for the holidays, I'd like to thank her and all the other people who try to help the jobless get back to work. That's what all of us want for Christmas.  

Anyway, there are also job aggregator search engines that should be used (sparingly) to fill in the blanks. Here are a few that she listed:,,, and  But remember, don't spend all day doing this. Now is the time to get out, socialize, network and use your connections to link yourself to new work. Most important, replenish your spirit. Remember, that you have value. In this season, when so many people give and receive gifts, remember that you too have gifts. Thank you for reading this blog.