Sucked into the maw

All of us who use computers know how it easy it is to be sucked into its giant maw -- one minute you are full of purpose and an hour later you are on your 20th futile game of solitaire and your wrists hurt. This is especially deadly when you are looking for a job and the computer is already a potential time-stealer and energy-sapper. But there is a common sense way to avoid this problem. 

I mentioned last Friday that I would be cribbing freely from a presentation that career counselor Sue Kaiden gave last month on using the Internet. Kaiden is one of the organizers of Joseph's People, a network of church-based support groups for the unemployed. She also runs CareerEdge LLC in Media and her presentation took place at the Media Presbyterian Church.

In that presentation, Kaiden said something that makes complete common sense, therefore most of us don't do it. She suggests that you schedule your job-hunting time on the computer just as you would schedule time for a meeting or an interview. Give it a start and stop time, write it on your calendar, and stick to it. And please, don't schedule that time during prime networking hours. And finally, before you crank up the Internet, make a written list of your intentions. For example, I will spend 30 minutes exploring the possibilities of the website Or, I will spend half an hour finding three paper manufacturing companies in the Philadelphia area, because I think I have skills that would fit into that sector. Make a specific plan and stick to it.  

I'll be blogging on this topic for the rest of the week, so please come back.