Start clownin' around

Can you slip on a banana peel and make people laugh? Or is it just your face that throws the general populace into hysterics? (Mine makes babies cry.) If so, there is a job for you.

You have to love a job posting that looks for someone with an over-active funny bone and aspirations to live on a train. On Tuesday, May 19, Ringling Brothers will hold auditions for clowns, age 18 or over. There's no mention of a resume. Instead, candidates need to prepare a three-to-five minute routine that will demonstrate "their ability to display exaggerated facial expressions, athleticism or any unique physical skills, an understanding of their comedy, as well as a sense of personality."

Auditioners can check in at 8 a.m. at the Wachovia Spectrum. You need to pre-register at If any of you do this, please write and tell what happened!