Snyder's twist on health care

One question I have about health care in the new world is whether employers will get out of the insurance business and cast their employees' and their employees' families onto the insurance exchanges when they develop in 2014. You can read my article about it in Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer. Snyder's of Hanover, a major Pennsylvania pretzel manufacturer, isn't taking that twist.

Later this week they'll be offering reporters a tour of a medical clinic they are opening for employees and their families. It will provide primary health services, routine checkups, lab tests and a variety of medications at no charge. The clinic will be open on Saturdays and available to workers in all manufacturing shifts. 

Interesting. From the point of view of health-delivery and putting aside all thorny issues of privacy violations and conflicts of interest from company doctors, there is no more efficient way to deliver health care to adults than the workplace. So which way is it going to go under the brave new world of health legislation? The Snyder's way or the way of paying a modest fine ($2,000) per worker and just dodging the whole shebang? We'll see.