Snow job

Outside the Inquirer building, it's snowing like crazy. I write this to brag that I'm in our newsroom, despite the snow. But I'm not sure I should earn any brownie points for this ridiculous behavior, when so much of my work could be done at home. The public relations industry is certainly not snowed out -- I've got a couple of invitations to talk to people about the web-based applications that assist in telecommuting. 

Right now I'm working on a story about the stimulus money -- specifically about whether it can or should be used to create a WPA-like government-sponsored workforce? What do you think? 

In tomorrow's paper, I'll have a story about manufacturing jobs coming back. Here's your standard Philadelphia story: One of the people I interviewed turned out to be the cousin of one of my best friends from college. That is such a Philadelphia phenom. When I moved here from Allentown, where I lived on a street where everyone knew everybody, I was hoping for a little bit of anonymity. Ha! Not in Philadelphia! This city is just as small-town as Allentown. And mostly, that's a good thing.

But I digress, sorry. 

Another person I interviewed, Peter Windle, of Windle Mechanical Solutions, talked about how he managed to keep his small staff completely employed, even though his machine shop serving small manufacturers took a hit during this downturn. The answer is commitment and a lot of close calls. But I'll write more about that tomorrow. Please come back.