Regional boo squad on health care

Wow, people are really riled up about these health care changes proposed by President Obama. Today I'm turning over my blog to Bill Love who attended a similar town hall meeting on health care to the story I reported in Monday's Philadelphia Inquirer. I attended a raucous sesssion at the U.S. Constitution Center hosted by U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and U.S. Senator Arlen Specter. In attendance were lots of people upset about President Obama's proposed health care system. Boos, jeers, cheers and a lot of passion.

In my blog yesterday, I wrote about how similar protestors showed up at an event run by U.S. Congressman Joe Sestak at Interboro High School in the suburbs on Saturday. Love describes the same scenario in Medford. (Please excuse any font weirdness when I copy and paste from my email.)

Below Bill's comments, I'll add a report from one of the people I interviewed for the story in Monday's paper. John O'Brien and his wife are Republican officials in Northeast Philadelphia and they do not like President Obama's plan one bit, as you will see.

Now here's Bill's missive:

Today I read your story re Sebelius/Specter Health Care meeting. Below is my recap of a similar meeting Saturday. It was a Congressional Town meeting in Medford NJ hosted by NJ 3rd district Congressman John Adler.  It was not pretty.  Below is a brief summary .


Bill Love 



“We’re mad as hell and we are not taking it anymore”

“We’re mad as hell and we are not taking it anymore” was the mantra loudly given to Congressman Adler at the packed Medford VFW town meeting.  It was a proverbial lynching of President Obama’s linchpin health reform plan.  It did not matter that Adler said he would not vote for the proposed healthcare bill. The uncivil crowd was angry and let him know it over and over again. 

Of course we still don’t know if the freshman congressman will be pressured into a slightly revised plan.  However he certainly understands where this group stands about major changes to health care.  Letting the government euthanize us senior citizens by precluding needed care was not popular. 

He also said he would not raise taxes in this environment and was pro business.    However he voted for Cap and Trade which seems to impeach his own words. He said he is for nuclear and drilling where it is environmentally safe.  Offshore NJ is off   limits. If he truly believes increased taxes will hurt the economy and he is pro business to create jobs, he should vote that way. 

Mr. Adler helped secure FEMA money for Medford and is helping the Lakes to receive similar funds for the dam flooding.  We thank him.

However NJ has been ranked dead last in Federal funding for over twenty years and a recent report showed we are last in education funding. This is partly why NJ has the highest taxes in the country.  Many of us can’t deduct  Jersey taxes due to the alternative minimum tax. I asked Adler why NJ is dead last in federal funding.

Congressman Adler’s non answer was we need to cut spending at all levels of government which is true . But he did not answer why we don’t get back our fair share of NJ taxes sent to Washington.

When I sarcastically said maybe we need Chicago style politicians getting NJ more federal funding the crowd went ballistic.  I don’t know whether they turned on me or were just venting more anger about Obama and his Chicago cronies running this country - into the ground. Hopefully it was the latter. I know firsthand about Cook County politics and it is equally corrupt as NJ politics. Folks, I was only kidding.

If the Medford town meeting is representative of America’ views, Obama, Pelosi etal are in trouble.  Mark Twain said “When giving a speech eloquence is more important than the information or facts”.  America elected eloquence. Now the facts are outweighing the eloquence.  I hope Congressman Adler takes that message back to Washington.  I also thank Congressman Adler for having the meeting.

William Love SR  


Now you can read John O'Brien's version of the report of the meeting that he sent to his family and friends -- and me.

Hi folks,                            
Carol & I attended the Specter/Sebelius slugfest at the National Constitution Center today. Speakers were, Health and Human Services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius and Sen. Arlen Specter. If this town hall meeting is any indication of what Americans think of Nationalized Health Care, I believe Congress & the President are in for a long hot summer. Senator Specter & HHS Secretary Sebelius were booed from there first step onto  the stage until the moment they slithered out the door. I hope they have the same GREAT insurance that Congress always brags about having, because they were both looking very sick up there, due to the mostly negative reception they received from the very vocal Philly crowd of more than 700. At one point Sec. Sebelius was clearly visibly upset. They should have known what to expect  when you bring bad news & non-answer responses to the town that booed Santa Claus. The booing from those in attendance will easily resonate all the way down I-95 to Washington, DC. Generally, light applause and chants of “yes we can” were drowned out by the deafening booing of the Philly faithful.
Especially notable, was  during the Pledge Of Allegiance when the crowd loudly & emphatically shouted the phrase “under God”. They clearly made the point.  Another item of interest is that the meeting was scheduled to end at 4:30 pm , but cut back to 4 pm SHARP, due to the Chilly Philly reception received by the speakers. Of course, Carol was first in line for the question and answer period. When she was done speaking, both Arlen & Kathleen took pause, & were red faced by her questions.  But the crowd showed their appreciation for Carol's  tenacious blitz by rewarding her several times with applause as she spoke. Needless to say, unlike Arlen & Kathleen, Carol & I
enjoyed it immensely.
John O'Brien