Questions for young adults

Well, it looks like today's the day for the health care overhaul to pass. I've gotten two emails/calls today so far from people concerned about how the coverage will play out for 26-year-olds. Click here to read my story about that in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Wednesday. The good news, at least for young adults and their parents, is that the loophole I described will likely be closed. Now it's time for unanswered questions to get answered by regulators in Washington as they rush to draw up rules within six months. 

Daniel, an exchange student in Germany, wants to know if kids need to remain on their parents' plans in order to gain coverage. In other words, if they've aged out of their parents plans, but are still under 26, can they get back on?  Wish I knew the answer.

Another question: Who will pay for it? In some cases, plans are written for families, whether the family consists of one kid or six. In that case, does the insurance company eat the extra cost and/or does it show up in an increased cost for family premiums the next year? Or will it be a pass through to the adult kid or his parents, the way it is in New Jersey.

Here's a related question: For companies that self-insure, bringing these adult kids back in is simply adding an extra bodies and more costs. How will those get paid?  Can employers charge their employees more for this coverage, or again, will they eat the cost? 

Here is one question that has been answered: Even married young people can be covered under their parents' plans.