Next up, a global team

If Temple University wanted to create an advertisement to showcase its diversity, it could have saved itself a lot of work by photographing the winners of the Be Your Own Boss Bowl sponsored by Temple's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute and its Fox School of Business of Temple.

The winners were four Temple University seniors, all engineers who formed a company, Next Engineering. The chief executive, Chaitanya Sakhalkar, is from India. The chief financial officer Francois Sagna is black, from France. Steven Trinh, an Asian, is from Lancaster. The white guy is Kevin McCardle, chief technology and manufacturing officer, from Bethlehem. Their invention, which earned them $65,000 in cash and services, was a suspension system for a motorcycle.

Seeing these young men in their suits, so united in their purpose and obviously such good friends, makes me kind of starry-eyed. You know what the best thing about a blog is? You can't hear me sing "We are the world." But you can read my article about these young men and their job prospects. It appeared in Sunday's Inquirer. Click here.