Musical chairs

Get ready for a game of musical chairs as soon as the recession lifts. According to a recent survey by the staffing company, Adecco Group, 54 percent of current employees will be looking for a new job as soon as they can. Employers who have used the recession as a cudgel to mistreat employees will pay the price when the job market rebounds, the survey showed.

The group most likely to leave? Seven out of 10 of the youngest workers, aged 19 to 29, are ready to start spreading their resumes. Many older workers have been willing to take a pay cut to keep the Good Ship Enterprise afloat. But fewer than than one in 10 of the younger workers will agree to a cut. Watch for them to be leading the regatta out of the harbor, in a speed boat!

There is still time, though, for companies to show their workers some love in hopes of keeping them. Most workers believe the recession will persist well into 2011.