Labor fight in the movies

In honor of Labor Day, I'd like to invite you to the movies. Has anybody been following the divorce of Unite-Here? You'll love this video dual. Five years ago, the former needle workers and garment workers' union (Unite) merged with the hotel and restaurant employees' union (Here). The relationship didn't work out and now they are involved in an ugly and confusing divorce. Philadelphia has been a hot bed in the divorce because unlike Las Vegas and Atlantic City, where the former Here leadership retained control of the union, the Unite leadership in Philly took over control of the hotel and cafeteria workers' locals.

Now both sides are duking it out in Philly. You can read the story I wrote about it last month. The question is whether the Unite people (now known as Workers United) should back off from what were traditionally Here locals. Or is five years of leadership enough for Unite to retain control of these two Philly locals? Anyway, Happy Labor Day. I'm at the parade this morning, covering it for our city desk. Enjoy the movies.

This one is from the viewpoint of the Here organization in Philadelphia.  

This one is from the Unite, Workers United, Philadelphia Joint Board point of view.