Job Interview -- the Horror, the Strain, the Stakes

Job interviews -- the horror, the strain, the stakes. How easy it is to blow it! That's why you are going to love this video: According to his Twitter profile, Steinar Skipsness is a search engine marketing guy from Seattle. For fun, Skipsness posted a pretend job opening on Craigslist, rented an office, set up some cameras and videotaped some job interviews. The result is some pretty funny You-Tube videos and 22 pretty good interview hints. The hints are nothing that someone with any social skills whatsoever wouldn't come up with after three minutes of thought. But it is always good to be reminded. 

My interview at the Inquirer in 1982 was actually pleasant. I did many things wrong, including making jokes. At one point, the "decider" and I ended up singing together during the course of the interview. Very strange. Very fun. Can't even imagine that now. Tell me your weird interview stories. I'll tell mine tomorrow.