A vocation for change

When Jane V. McQuaide Hunt, a vocational and business counselor, talks about her past clients, she may as well be talking about herself. "Something has occurred," she said. "Something has changed in their lives and they are at a juncture where they must make a decision about what their lives will be."

That's what happened to Hunt, formerly of Colorado, now of Cinnaminson. 

Jane V. McQuaide Hunt

For ten years, she had worked in the field of counseling, either as a contract consultant for owners of fledgling businesses, or as a vocational specialist for clients of Southwest Colorado Mental Health Services in Durango. Then, in March 2010, she took a two-month sabbatical to go on a trip to Europe with her husband.

By the end of the trip, the marriage and the career in Colorado had come to an end. Hunt reached her own juncture. "It was me and my life that had to change," she said. She moved back to her family in New Jersey. "I found out that New Jersey brings out the best of in me."

What hasn't changed, she said, is an absolute commitment to helping people find their best paths in life and at work. Hunt said that she'll do that regardless of whether it's in the format of a job, as a vocational counselor, of in her own business, or as a volunteer. "My clients have taught me so much," she said.

In Colorado, she faced daunting challenges in helping her clients who had many obstacles. Some were physically handicapped, others were mentally handicapped. Some were on welfare. Some had substance abuse problems and others were ex-offenders. Many were all of the above. "You are talking some tough stuff," she said. "But I didn't get them jobs. They got themselves jobs. I gave them the tools. Most of it is self-discovery. They learn who they are and what their goodnesses are. Then that rose to the top and they were able to promote themselves and get a job." 

Update: As of December, 2011, Hunt is working full time as a rehab counselor at the Camden County Health Services Center. 

  • Jane V. McQuaide Hunt
  • Hometown: Cinnaminson
  • Profession: Vocational and business counselor
  • Experience: Vocational assessment and evaluation, small business assessment, research and training, cash flow analysis, mentoring, curriculum design and delivery.
  • Education: Metropolitan State College of Denver, bachelor's degree in business management, human resources focus.
  • E-mail address: huntforanswers@hotmail.com
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