Taking fees out of tips

Gary Broderick works as a server at the Radisson Warwick hotel in Philadelphia. His take on the proposed Philadelphia tipping ordinance is that the law, if passed, would help workers who feel they've been treated unfairly.

The proposed ordinance, introduced by City Councilman Jim Kenney, says that restaurants and other organizations with employees who rely on tips can not deduct credit card fees when someone pays for a meal on a credit card and includes the tip in the bill. You can read my story about the issue in Friday's Inquirer.

"The law is one step in the framework," he said. "It helps you talk to your co-workers about what is clearly wrong."

Broderick and his co-workers are represented by UniteHere Local 274, a hospitality union. He said the issue is addressed in the union's contract in a provision that says that management shall not interfere with workers' tips. Clearly, he said, deducting a credit card fee would be interference. 

The matter is set to come up for a vote on Thursday.