Skip the shower -- telecommute


"Research" shows that some people would sacrifice a lot -- even their daily showers -- in order to telecommute. Really? Please, let them telecommute. Or send soap with a company logo on it -- it's all about engaging the worker to promote productivity. 

Just when things seem so depressing -- long-term unemployment, lack of help for the poor, fighting around the world, comes a little Valentine's Day love from the public relations machine that cranks out totally silly press releases. 

This one is so "charming" that I can't resist passing it along.

According to TeamViewer, a company that provides software for telecommuting, people are so eager to telecommute that they'd give up texting, social media, shopping, chocolate, a salary increase, vacation days -- even their spouses, in order to telecommute.

I think telecommuting is wise for these people who'd be willing to give up their spouses, salary increases or vacation days for telecommuting. That way their bosses won't see how stupid they are and they might keep their jobs. Just a thought.

TeamViewer bases its "research" on a survey of 2,500 adults conducted by Harris Interactive and then goes on to say that the survey is not based on a probability sample and there is no way to estimate any theoretical sampling error. 

Nobody's knocking telecommuting. Lots of people work at home, get a lot done and manage, also, to shower, love their spouses and eat chocolate. And if someone throws in a load of wash in between conference calls, it's all good. Don't forget stain remover for that chocolate.

"While the results of this survey may seem amusing, these findings show that telecommuting will be a force to be reckoned with in the future,” Holger Felgner, Team Viewer's general manager, said in the press release. “TeamViewer gives people the freedom to work from anywhere at any time and on any device."