Military manager specializes in cost-cutting

In the military, Phillip Yale, of Bensalem, accomplished things that should make him highly sought after as an employee. For example, as a supply support projects officer, he developed a metrics and charting program to identify excess material and saved $4 million in unnecessary material procurement.

He directed an ISO 9001 audit preparation, leading to certification and moved the U.S. Navy into a Lean Six Sigma program as part of his supply chain analysis. He also managed an 80 room hotel in Iceland, supervising 56 military and Icelandic personnel.  And, on board the USS Cleveland, as a food service officer, he supervised a crew of 40 to prepare meals for 1,200. He oversaw the installation of a plastics processing system that eliminated all overboard discharge of plastic waste as well as 60 percent of food waste.

Phillip Yale

His accomplishments were impressive enough that he fielded several offers in manufacturing when he left the Navy in March 2006. A few months later, he settled on a California company that manufactured heavy equipment used in construction and manufacturing. That was before the recession. But when the recession hit, both sectors tanked. "A third of our revenues went away," he said. So did Yale's job. After he was laid off in August 2009, he got some consulting jobs, but they dried up after a time. He has since moved back to Bensalem where he has family.

Yale said that when people look at his resume, they see a diversity of jobs. That's normal for the military, but not so normal in civilian life. "That's one of the issues," he said. "Hiring officers don't understand that and we don't translate it for them."

His ideal job would be in some type of operations management.

Update: As of December 2011, Yale is still looking for work.


  • Phillip Yale
  • Hometown: Bensalem
  • Profession: Operations manager
  • Experience: Specialized in eliminating waste in supply chains. Oversaw all logistical services to support a warship. Handled all logistics for naval air station in Iceland, including managing a military hotel there.
  • Education: Heidelberg College, bachelor's degree in chemistry
  • E-mail address:
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  • Phillip Yale's resume

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