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In September, Mayerlin Fattibene joined a solar company in Marlton, relocating to live nearby. “The company was growing and we were going to grow with it,” said Fattibene, who was the company’s financial controller. By January, Fattibene, an operations director, was laid off.

At the solar company, Fattibene initiated many financial procedures among them a database for creditors, customers, assets and banks and  an automated system to handle inventory management, payroll and credit reconciliation. She also collected over $100,00 in unpaid receivables within the first two months. Before that, she served as a financial services operations supervisor in Edgewood, NY and as a licensed banker at JP Morgan’s office in the same town.

Mayerlin Fattibene

While her work has always been in financial services, her passion is for international business. It would be her dream to marry the two.   “You get people from anywhere in the world, and I love it,” she said. “It’s fun to learn what’s going on with each country, with the politics, the economy, the rules and regulations.”

Fattibene grew up in Colombia and studied economics there. She graduated with degrees in economics and finance and marketing in the U.S. She thinks there may be more opportunity these days in Latin America. “The economy is better in Latin America,” she said, especially in Chile and Brazil.

Fluent in Spanish, Fattibene hopes that being bilingual will help her get work.  It’s not a guarantee, she said. “It definitely opens some doors.”

Update: As of December, 2011, Fattibene moved from the area and landed a job with a major insurance company.


  • Mayerlin Fattibene
  • Hometown: Marlton
  • Profession: Financial analyst, accountant
  • Experience: Served as a finance controller, overseeing general ledger accounting including payroll, collection, financial reporting. Set up financial procedures. Supervised a nine-person team, increasing productivity by 20 percent and saving $50,000 through a cost-benefit analysis.
  • Education: Universidad Libre, Colombia. Stony Brook University, master’s degree in finance and marketing, bachelor’s degree in economics. New York University, course work in international business.
  • E-mail address: mayergarcia@yahoo.es
  • Mayerlin Fattibene's LinkedIn profile

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