A desire to help

 As I was walking to my car in the Wegman's parking lot, I spotted a little boy, maybe age 3,  "helping" his mother load groceries from the shopping cart, where he was standing, into the back of their car. He moved those bags, an inch, if that, but he was so proud of being productive. It really grabbed me, for two reasons.

First of all, he reminded me of my sons when they were boys -- now they are 22 and 20. I remember them "helping" me. So cute and I love them so much, and they are still so helpful, in so many ways. 

But most of all, I thought about the reason I was at the Malvern Wegman's. I had just left a meeting/interview with 15 unemployed women, all members of the Healthcare Business Women's Association Women In Transition group -- all laid off from pharma. Many had master's degrees, all had years of experience, and none had fulltime permanent work in her field. You can read my story about them in Sunday's Inquirer.

What did those women and the little boy have in common? They all wanted to make use of their abilities, to the best of their abilities. Wanting to make use of ones talents is an inherent human drive. The little boy, at least, was helping his mother, with all the strength that he had. The women in Wegman's were so clearly frustrated by their inability to do the same.

(My apologies if you've read something like this on my Facebook fan page. I wanted to copy it over here, but it disappeared -- I'm still a Facebook novice. In any case, thanks for reading.)