College tips for getting hired

Holly Paul, U.S. recruiting leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers, said she knows how hard it has been for college graduates to find jobs. (You can read more about that in our Inquirer series "Struggling for Work: The Broken Dreams of New Generation.")

But, as someone who heads the recruiting effort of company that hires lots of college graduates, she has some advice: 

"Your number one goal is to focus on that GPA," she said. "It's critical. A high GPA does not equate to being a genius, but it does show how hard you are willing to work, your work ethic and what you are willing to do to make the grade. Our [employees] work at very complex business problems. They have to work and work and work to solve them."

Her second piece of advice? Don't spread yourself too thin on campus. She likes to see students pick one or two activities and "so you can see over time that they have stuck with something, advanced and have taken on positions" with increased responsibility.

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