Cloud hiring

When it comes to tech hiring, the cloud is good -- for everybody, not just those who can navigate through the amorphous mists of the internet. That's the word from Joel Capparella, vice president of marketing at Yoh Services division of Day and Zimmermann Inc., a staffing firm in Philadelphia specializing in engineering and information technology. 

IT geeks who specialize in cloud technology (working and storing information somewhere other than in a file cabinet or a firm's own computer serving) are in such demand that the demand is outstripping the supply. That worries employers who might like to make the leap to cloud technology, but don't want to get lost in the fog without adequate personnel. So, Capparella said, they are hanging back and relying on older proven technologies.

The trend, he said, is to boost wages for all.  "It's kind of like a domino effect," he said. "We’re seeing the mini little tech bubble – it has started to push wages up in a northerly direction."