Banking on her banking skills

Yes, new babies are charming, but after a few months of diapers and not much adult company, a young mom can go stir crazy at home. That's what happened to Louise A. Aleszczyk, of Delran. "I was bored. I took a part time job as a teller at a bank and never left. I liked being out and about and I didn't have any problem handling money. It came very easy to me."

Banking just felt so natural. Balancing her teller drawer wasn't a problem. She started at PSFS and lasted through multiple mergers, as PSFS became Meritor, then Mellon, then Citizens. It was a 27-year-long career. In the process, Aleszczyk handled nearly every job -- teller, supervisor, bank manager, loan specialist, business development.

Louise Aleszczyk

"When people come into the bank and they get a loan, they are happy. They are satisfied and I am satisfied," she said. "I was really happy helping people."

Eventually, she left Citizens to go to a smaller bank where she'd have more responsibility and a higher salary. She was laid off in May, 2009.

Aleszczyk thinks that salary and her age combine to make her unattractive to potential employers, even though now, she'd be willing to work for less. "I'm not a little kid," she said. "I'm definitely willing to take a pay cut, but not to the level of a brand new bank manager." Something in the middle, she said, would be appropriate.

As a veteran banker, she saw some of the issues that led to the nation's financial crisis. "People were just giving out credit when it wasn't deserved," she said. "They were giving people money who didn't qualify for it. No question about it. The thinking shifted to how much money can be made on this deal. It didn't matter if people qualified or not. It was a shame."

Because she's been laid off, she's had time to care for her elderly parents. "One of my passions has become senior health care," she said. She'd like to find a way to combine her banking knowledge and her experience in advocating for her parents.

But nothing would keep her away from banking if an appropriate position opened up. "I'd like to work for a smaller bank. Credit unions are another thing I've been looking at. I love banking. It know the banking industry. I know the rules and regulations and how to deal with customers. It's where my heart is."him back on a contract basis. Those contracts faded out last spring. 

  • Louise A. Aleszczyk
  • Hometown: Delran
  • Profession: Banker
  • Experience: Bank management and business development, loan officer. Trained and mentored tellers.
  • Education: Holy Family University, bachelor's degree in business management and marketing
  • E-mail address:
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Update as of December 25, 2011: Aleszczyk is still looking for work.

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