I am angry

Words can not express how angry I am over this morning's Labor Department jobs report. There are now 15.1 million unemployed people, up 276,000 from the prior month, and the economy has added a pitiful 39,000 jobs. We see everything expressed in bar charts, graphs and percentage points. These are people and they aren't working! It galls me that people can point to a handful of lazy folks who scam the unemployment system and say that this is the majority. So unlikely. The people I meet who are unemployed are not like that. They are desperate. All of us want to feel as though our skills and abilities are being put to good use, but we're beyond that now. Even normal sustenance is an issue. Look at Camden -- laying off half the police force.  Look at Comcast, shutting some of its operations in Oak. Look at Express Scripts, putting 1,000 out of work in Bensalem. I'm not sure what the answers are, but I think that we are killing our country by rendering so many people useless. Where is the creativity? Why such a broad brush? How can some people have so much and others have so little? Why is this right?