Parkinson's hidden symptoms

In the new NBC sitcom "The Michael J. Fox Show," Fox, who has Parkinson's disease, plays a news anchor with the disease who returns to work.

On Thursday, the Michael J. Fox Show debuted on NBC. The story of a news anchor with Parkinson's Disease, the show relies a lot on physical comedy based on Michael Fox's struggles with Parkinson's. Whether the show will address Parkinson's unseen symptoms remains to be seen.

On Tuesday, I wrote a story about people coping on the job with the physical aspects of Parkinson's, a neurological disease that attacks dopamine in the brain. Physical symptoms include tremor, an odd gait, small handwriting, small steps and some balance issues. 

After my story, I received an email from someone I had covered decades ago. I'm going to quote from it, because I learned something about the hidden symptoms of Parkinson's.

"I'm writing because I was diagnosed with PD in 2000.  I had many symptoms but hadn't put it all together.  I had to go on long-term disability, leaving in 2003 because the symptoms made it impossible for me to continue working.

"My point is that PD has many non-motor symptoms.  In my case, the non-motor were more disabling than the motor.  (The motor symptoms have since "caught up.")  I'm on a personal campaign to raise the consciousness level about the non-motor symptoms. 

"Dopamine has a role in mood, cognition, sleep, and behavior," he wrote.  "Parkinson's symptoms can include depression, anxiety, sleep problems, vivid dreams, impulse control disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and, in later stages, Parkinson's dementia.  Some of these are aggravated by drugs prescribed to treat motor symptoms.  The non-motor symptoms can precede the manifestation of motor symptoms and go undiagnosed.  Even after the manifestation of motor symptoms and the diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, these non-motor symptoms can be more disabling than motor symptoms.  Because they are not "visible," the general public does not fully appreciate what a person with PD is experiencing."

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