NLRB trifecta for Philadelphia law firm

Morgan Lewis, the national law firm with Philadelphia roots, scored a trifecta this week, landing its third lawyer onto the National Labor Relations Board. All three have generally represented management.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate approved Philip Miscimarra's nomination to the NLRB. Miscimarra, who works at the firm's Chicago office, graduated from two colleges at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned an MBA from Wharton and a law degree from Penn's law school. He is a senior fellow at Wharton. Miscimarra's history includes representing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in litigation opposing changes in NLRB rules that would have benefited unions in union elections.

The other two Morgan Lewis lawyers to serve on the NLRB were Charles Cohen, appointed by President William Clinton, for a term that lasted from 1994 to 1996, and Peter Hurtgen, appointed by Clinton as a member from 1997 to 1999. Hurtgen was then appointed by President George W. Bush as chairman, serving from 2000 to 2002. Hurtgen retired from Morgan's office in in Irvine, California. Cohen still serves as senior counsel in the firm's Washington office.

"Phil is just the most recent in a long line of Morgan Lewis partners who have had prominent roles in government service. Chuck Cohen and Peter Hurtgen blazed a path with the NLRB, and we are confident that Phil will distinguish himself as they did," said Joseph J. Costello, the leader of the firm's labor and employment practice. Costello is based in Philadelphia.