Calendar: Safety seminar for temporary workers

Let's start with the problem: "Thousands of workers ...die each year on the job from preventable hazards," said Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health. "Many of those killed and injured are temporary workers who often perform the most dangerous jobs have limited English proficiency and are not receiving the training and protective measures required."

That was a quote from an April announcement heralding a new U.S. Department of Labor initiative run through the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. OSHA said it launched the initiative on worker safety after noticing reports of fatalities among temp workers, often during their first days on the job.

On Thursday at 3 p.m., the American Staffing Association and OSHA will moderate a free webinar titled "Playing it Safe – Workplace Safety Obligations of Staffing Firms and Their Clients." Topics include OSHA regulations regarding temporary workers, legal obligations of staffing companies and their clients for safety and how to maintain open communication about safety issues on the job site.

Feeling awkward about how to invite a client? The ASA also has advice for that.

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