Two to tango in the management-union dance

I wish the word "management" had fewer letters, because then maybe, it would show up in headlines along with "union" or "labor," nice short words to top a one-column article. What bothers me so much about the news and commentary on unions is that people forget that contracts are involved. 

At some point in the employer/employee relationship, managers from the business or enterprise and union leaders representing workers come to an agreement on a contract. While negotiating, each side brings to bear whatever strengths and tactics it has. Is this a surprise? This is how it works in every contract or relationship, from buying a car to being married. However, unlike marriage, once an agreement is reached in workplace negotiations, it is put into writing. At that point, it becomes just as much a management contract as a union contract. 

It's a contract, period.  

The point is that there are two partners in that dance, and both are responsible for the beauty of the ballet.

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