What flipping burgers taught a CEO

Many people, including CEOs, credit their summer jobs -- many of them in the restaurant business -- with teaching them important lessons about customer service.

Christopher Kneizys, president of Micro-Coax, a cable manufacturer, in Limerick, had a different take on his experience working at a McDonald's:

"The interesting thing about McDonald’s which is very relevant to what we do here is process control," he said during our Leadership Agenda interview published in Monday's Inquirer. "I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but everything was done a certain way. There is a definite process to make a Big Mac. You put the meat on the grill. Five seconds later the searing timer goes off. Everything, it’s one shot of the secret sauce or whatever, or it was just the process."

Why is process control, doing it the same way every time, so important, I asked.

"Because as soon as you deviate from that, you start freelancing and you don’t get the same quality," he said. Strict process control: that’s what we do here. You have to make that cable the same way every time and that way the product the customer sees is the same and the odds of having a problem are slim and none."

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