Don't drift through life; work your plan, executive says

Geri Swift didn't say this explicitly in our interview, but what scares her is the simple and thoughtless passage of time. If you don't plan your networking, you won't make the connections. If you aren't deliberate about thinking about your business, you'll just fill out the days and never progress. If you don't think about your life, months will go by and you won't have accomplished your goals.You can't even count on falling in love and getting married. Best to plan that as well.

In January, she and her husband Stephen Pearl make a ritual of planning their year, she told me during our Leadership Agenda interview published in Monday's Philadelphia Inquirer. Swift is president of the Women's Business Development Center and the Women's Business Enterprise Council of Pennsylvania, Delaware and southern New Jersey. The Women's Business Enterprise National Council is having its convention in Philadelphia this week.

Geri Swift

"We do spiritual goals," Swift said. "We do recreational goals. We set goals for what we’re going to do with the house. Our vacation goals. We’ve had graduations, graduations, weddings, so we scope them out for the year and put them in with my work calendar."

I was intrigued about the spiritual goals.

"A spiritual goal would be to practice my faith," Swift said. "I’m still looking for the right church for me. My goal is that I was raised a Catholic and I want to continue my faith. It’s finding the right church or environment in which to do it."