Hiring: Finding the cultural fit

Here's what customer support looks like at Front Rush LLC, a software company housed in an old factory in Lambertville. You can spot co-Founder Brad Downs riding around the office on a bicycle and chitchatting over the phone. Definitely fun. At the same time, working at a place like that is not for the buttoned-down. Every day is flip-flop Friday at that office.

The five-year-old company is now on its 12th employee so  I asked Downs how he chooses his hires. Of course, Downs said, he wants the best and brightest, but he think that cultural fit is even more important. 


How does he determine a fit? The company develops software for recruiting for sports teams, so Downs wants to see some kind of athletic background -- ex. coaches are really great, for example. He wants to know what prospective employees do on their time off, and if what they do involves a team sport, that's excellent.

One employee got her job by refusing to settle for an interview date scheduled half a week into the future. She asked for an interview the next day, explaining that she didn't want to give them a chance to interview anyone else. They liked her aggressiveness, moved up the interview and hired her.

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