Help for the HR crowd

More than 75 human resource people have signed up for a seminar tonight being offered by the Philadelphia Human Resource Planning Society. The title? Job Search in a Recession for the HR Professional. I'm hoping to be able to attend. Among the panelists is Doug Fearon. He's the managing director for the Rosen Group, a Cherry Hill staffing company that specializes in human resource personnel, both for temporary projects and long term. The program's facilitator is Shelley Potente, vice president at Right Management, the outplacement company headquartered in Philadelphia. The session is free. Click here to find out more. By the way, I applaud this group because it is waiving membership fees to those in transition.

Tomorrow I'll blog more about the info in Ford R. Myers' book, "Get the Job You Want, Even When No One's Hiring." Myers, a local career consultant, used to work at Right. If you missed it, you can click here to read my question and answer session with him in Monday's Philadelphia Inquirer.