Floods, fires and jobs

Maybe the key to employment is to find yourself work in a business that is basically unaffected by the economy. That was a message from Jacqueline Muir, an operations manager of ServPro in Feasterville. The company is a franchise that helps people clean up after floods and fires.

"Unfortunate things happen to people regardless of what the economy is doing," she said. "If there's a flood or a fire, they need a company like ours."

I asked Jacqueline how her company can grow, since obviously, arson would not be a good business development tool. (It might work, but that would be illegal!) She said that her company and her competitors all have to charge about the same because their rates are essentially governed by what insurance companies will pay. She said it comes down to customer service. I met Jacqueline at a job fair Wednesday sponsored by the Bucks County CareerLinks office. She was looking to hire one or two service technicians, a sales person and one person in administrative support.