Everyone benefits

Speaking of benefits, here is a beautiful one that netted the Hospital Corporation of America a prize from WorldAtWork, a 30,000-member human resources association based in Arizona and Washington.

The company offers its employees 24 hours of paid volunteer leave. If the employee adds one more hour on his own time, the company will donate $500 to that charity. In addition, the company will match employee donations up to $750 to the charity of the employee's choice. That means, that ultimately, an employee could direct up to $2,000 of matched money to the charity. That's real money.

What I like is the triple whammy -- it has to make the employee feel great to have the company support and to have the time to be useful in the community. It has to be a plus for the organization to get both the time and the dollars from the employee and the company. And finally, it has to be a plus for the hospital in terms of generating good will from employees and from the community, from whence cometh their patients. The program is called "Caring for the Community."  

Hospital Corporation of America is headquartered in Nashville; nearest facilities are in Virginia.