Education for Workers - Say Amen, Somebody

Well, Friday had to be a great day for all the folks in workforce development. The U.S. Labor Department handed out  $101 million to help states provide career training, job search and relocation assistance to displaced workers. Of that, Pennsylvania is on target to get $7.1 million and Jersey will snatch up $1.1 million. Not only did the feds hand out money, but the preacher-in-chief, President Obama, gave a sermon on the benefits of education and worker training.

Even as the unemployment rate hit 8.9 percent, President Obama announced the launching of his program to help workers retrain. 

Here's part of his speech: "Now is the time to put a new foundation for growth in place -- to rebuild our economy, to retrain our workforce, and re-equip the American people.  And now is the time to change unemployment from a period of "wait and see" to a chance for our workers to train and seek the next opportunity -- so when that new and better day does come around, our people, our industry, and our entire country are ready to make the most of it." If you want to read the rest, click here, and you'll understand why the workforce people and advocates for the unemployed are singing the Alleluia chorus.

You can watch a video of his remarks.