Don't be too proud to get help

Even if you are middle-class and not used to going to social service agencies that help the poor, don't be too proud to accept help from their job counselors. That's some advice from Gloria Leidel, a longtime job counselor from Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. Because of their long experience in helping people find jobs, they just might have an idea that you haven't considered. And if the price is free, why not?

Here's an example that Gloria told me when I interviewed her for a Philadelphia Inquirer story on job hunting tips. Click here to read it. She had a client who had been laid off from a welding job. He figured he was doomed -- all he knew was welding. As it turned out, he forgot about a job that he had had years ago in a bakery. That job plus his welding experience allowed her to place him as a bakery MANAGER in a supermarket. 

What were this man's assets? An excellent work history. Manual dexterity -- to hold a blow torch or a pastry tube. Perhaps some management experience. Her idea got him a job.

Gloria and I had an online chat on job hunting tips on Monday. If you want to read the transcript, click here

I'll be off for a few days. Check back next Thursday. In the meantime, if you are looking, good luck.