Bye bye benefits

Here's my question: What will happen to employer-provided health benefits? I'm wondering if the penalties will simply encourage companies to drop it. Think of this, many companies employ many people in human resource departments to manage benefits. Wouldn't it be simpler for executives to pay a price per employee and send them adrift into one of these exchanges? 

They wouldn't even have to feel guilty.

On the one hand, you have many employees (in the human resource department) all with their issues and their pay and their benefits. On the other hand, you have a check. Heck, the chief financial officer could do the calculation between golf rounds on a paper napkin. (Maybe he'd need one member of a support staff to hand him the paper napkin.) Number of employees times penalty. Write a check. Simple.

Obviously, employers could always dump their employee health insurance and some have done so, but, in a few years, they'll be able to do it without guilt.