Burrowing into the bureau

People like me could spend a lot of time looking at reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. I just looooove the little wonkish data threads. (In November, for example, jobs in retail were down for everything except car sales. Particularly hard hit were furniture stores and building and garden supply stores. In November, which should be one of the busiest months, there were 14,500 fewer jobs in general merchandise stores.) Sorry, I digress, because there's another part of the BLS treasure trove of data that is useful for job hunters.

Check out the BLS' Occupational Outlook Handbook. That's advice from career counselor Sue Kaiden, owner of CareerEdge LLC, in Media. She's an officer at Joseph's People, a church-based network of support groups for the unemployed in the suburbs. The site gives the bureau's assessment of employment prospects over a ten year period and provides salary information along with a general description of the field. It also provides other sources of information. This might be a good resource if you are considering a career change, because it also lists educational requirements.

Check back tomorrow for another tip.