Boogie down

One more goofy survey from Careerbuilders, the online job site. I couldn't resist the undone zipper and the "something in your nose" parts.

In a survey of 4,000 workers, 67 percent said they'd tell a peer if a zipper was down. Enough said. It's only interesting if office romance is involved.   

About half would say something if the peer had "something in your nose." Here's my evaluation. Wouldn't it depend on what the something was? Suppose for example, the something was their boss' tuckus, because they were trying to save their jobs. Then it might be rude to say anything, not to mention impolitic. Excuse me, Charlie, but you have Mr. Smith's derriere on your nose -- probably not a good thing to point out. Charlie has probably already noticed the presence of aforementioned derriere and might find your remark cheeky. Who knows, Charlie may be embarrassed, or angry. As a workplace expert, my advice is not to risk it.

I love the delicate language in this survey. What else would be in people's noses? It reads like they park their cars in there. Excuse me Charlie, you have a Nissan in your nose. That's not a problem, but the tire treads are unsightly.