Blue-collar job hunting

We've been doing a lot of talk about networking and super-charged job hunting techniques. But how do you find a job if you are a blue collar person -- not in the upper ranks? That's the question that reader Jean Haskell asked in an email. She makes her point in the context of  the work of Ford Myers, the local career coach and author of the recently-released "Get the Job You Want Even When No One's Looking." I interviewed him in the Philadelphia Inquirer and have been blogging about his work lately. Rather than paraphrase her point of view, I'll just copy and paste her email and hope that someone will have a suggestion. Meantime, I'll try to squeeze in some digging on my own to answer her question.

Here's Jean's email:

I enjoyed your article on Ford Myers, whom I know, and for
whom I have great respect and admiration for the work that
he does.

However, the information about how to find a job, while
excellent, is limited, and applies only to well-educated people
seeking relatively high paying white collar jobs.  

What about the people who are seeking lower paying blue
collar jobs?  Is there a career counselor who can give them
some assistance?  They certainly need it.