Birthday wishes

It's my birthday today, so I'll forward my birthday wishes to all the unemployed people -- and also, by the way, to everyone who is working.

I hope you find work that is satisfying and pays you a fair and reasonable amount, and that the amount is more than what you earned in your previous job. I hope the work comes with all kinds of benefits. I hope the work comes with joyfulness and satisfaction and that it uses the full measure of your talents, so that you can be happy and so that your company can prosper.  I hope you have an opportunity to learn and grow at your job, so that both you and your company can advance.

I hope it comes with a fair and reasonable boss (not like the people at Acme who threatened their workers by advertising for their replacements when both sides couldn't come to immediate terms on negotiations). I hope your boss is not a bully, an idiot, a whiner, or a manipulator. Ditto for all the bosses above your boss. 

I hope you work in a safe place with functioning equipment in good repair and where shortcuts with safety aren't taken in callous disregard for your health. I hope that you are busy at work, but not so frantically busy that you make mistakes or become disheartened. I hope you work with colleagues who treat you with respect and affection, where differences in age, race, gender, religion, economic class, sexual preference and culture make life interesting and come in handy on the job. I hope you have a relatively calm commute and that your hours are conducive to getting the job done while maintaining a balance for your family life. I hope there are opportunities to advance, and that those opportunities are fairly granted.

I hope your coffee machine makes good coffee, because that's just nice.