Association boards

Using the computer is no substitute for talking to people when it comes to getting a job, but it does have its functions and its main function is research. You need to research people, companies and industry trends. And one way to do that is to tap into the myriad of professional associations, many of which offer job boards.

As I said before, I'm basing much of what I write here on a presentation career counselor Sue Kaiden gave at Media Presbyterian Church last month. Kaiden is an officer with Joseph's People, a network of church-based support groups for the unemployed in the suburbs. She also runs her own career firm, CareerEdge LLC in Media. 

She told the group about the Weddles website, which describes itself as a resource for employment, personal development and career success. Kaiden's favorite page is the Association Directory page. The guide profiles 3,000 associations. I, of course, looked up journalism. There were 33 different journalism associations listed. Just for fun, I clicked onto the Education Writers Association and it linked directly to the group's home page. And what was right on the home page? A career center tab. One more click and I had found listings for about four jobs.    

I'll be blogging more on this the rest of the week, so c'mon back....