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Archive: September, 2011

Training herself into unemployment

Friday, September 30, 2011, 3:55 AM
Dianne Slane trained herself out of a job she loved. For years, Slane worked at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, particularly helping doctors handle the paperwork for electrocardiograms. They even trained her to administer them. Part of her job was to complete an electronic record of the procedure... Read more

A passion for the disabled

Friday, September 23, 2011, 3:50 AM
Too bad the computers that scan job applicant resumes can't see Nia Gibson's eyes light up when she talks about taking care of people with disabilities or developmental delays. The resume seems fine, but pro forma. Gibson's enthusiasm is anything but. "It feels so good to be needed," she said. She... Read more

Foreclosed from work

Friday, September 16, 2011, 3:45 AM
There's a certain irony to the reason that Catie Hughes, a housing expert, is out of a job. For much of her career, she has managed properties that have been foreclosed, and that's what she did at Keystone Asset Management in Colmar until she was laid off in January. You'd think there would be a lot... Read more

Hooked on a paycheck

Friday, September 9, 2011, 3:40 AM
Marilyn Melendez knew what it was like to grow up in a family dependent on welfare. "I said, I don't want to live like that," she said. "Trust me, since I got my first paycheck at age 14, I was hooked." She's hooked on work, but can't find a job in her chosen field, which is health care administration... Read more

A labor lesson

Thursday, September 8, 2011, 4:40 AM
Imagine starting a labor union to represent workers against two powerful forces -- one of the largest security guard companies on the globe and one of the nation's largest labor unions. That's what Fabricio Rodriguez, 37, a labor entrepreneur faced when he set out to organize security guards at Temple... Read more

Negotiations begin for airport screeners

Wednesday, September 7, 2011, 3:10 AM
Negotiations begin tomorrow for a first collective bargaining agreement for the nation's 44,000 Transportation Security Administration airport screeners. At Monday's Labor Day parade, I asked John Gage, president of the screeners' union, about the main issues for the 44,000 screeners. Top on the list... Read more

A job for body and mind

Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 3:53 PM
Patricia Ruger has a passion for community involvement and if there were any justice in the world, she'd be able to do it for a paycheck. Instead, she said, she is "penniless." Ruger, a former sales consultant in home remodeling for Sears, was laid off in January -- the bye, bye time for many retailers... Read more

Goats and unions

Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 3:20 AM
Once upon a time, there were two neighbors, one with a goat.... Like many teachers, Philip Harvey, a professor of law and economics at Rutgers University, likes to use parables to illustrate a point -- and here's the preview -- the goat stands in for a good union job with what used to be standard... Read more

Counting uncounted freelancers

Monday, September 5, 2011, 3:30 AM
If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? If many, many people work in temporary situations, but don't fall into tidy columns in U.S. Labor Department reports, do they matter? That's a problem, says Sara Horowitz, who heads the Freelancers Union in New York. By some estimates, this contingent... Read more
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