When Werner Rescued Joaquin

Were it not for German film director Werner Herzog, Joaquin Phoenix's meta faux-documentary I'm Still Here (which director Casey Affleck just admitted was a faux documentary) might not exist. And what a shame that would be. (Read Steven Rea's review of I'm Still Here here.) As anyone who's ever seen and heard Herzog's docs Grizzy Man or Encounters At The End Of The World knows, the Fitzcarraldo director is a strangely compelling master of voice-over narration. And in the clip below directed by animator Sascha Ciezata, Herzog narrates the story of the day he was driving down in Los Angeles in 2006, and it turned out the guy sitting upside down in a flipped over car trying to smoke a cigarette while gasoline dripped everywhere around him was the future star of I'm Still Here.

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