Watch Sheer Mag and DA race winner Larry Krasner cover the Clash

Dan DeLuca

Updated: Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 11:35 AM

Civil rights attorney Larry Krasner celebrates his victory in the Democratic primary for district attorney of Philadelphia.

What put Larry Krasner over the top in the Democratic primary race for Philadelphia District Attorney?

Was it the defense attorney and civil rights lawyer's stand on criminal justice reform? The $1.45 million that billionaire George Soros donated to a pro-Krasner PAC? Or the support of righteous Philly rock and roll band Sheer Mag, who brought Krasner up on stage at the First Unitarian Church on Saturday night?

At the church, Krasner — who won a clear victory in the DA race on Tuesday, easily topping six other candidates — joined Sheer Mag singer Christina Halladay onstage for a somewhat ragged version of the Clash's anti-fascist salvo "Clampdown."

Watch the clip below. If Krasner wants to pursue a second career in rock, the 56-year-old guy-in-a-tie will have to work on lyric memorization and eye contact. Read Chris Brennan and Julia Terruso's story on his primary victory here.

Sheer Mag's long-awaited proper debut LP Need To Feel Your Love is due out July 14 on Wilsons RC. Check out the quintet's new sngle "Need To Feel Your Love" below the Krasner clip.

Dan DeLuca

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