Van Halen Interview: Diamond Dave chats up Eddie and Alex

Here's how the music and media business works these days: Instead of being interviewed by journalists, rock stars - when they're not cutting out the middle man by Tweeting - interview themselves.

The nearly nine-minute clip below features David Lee Roth interviewing his band mates Eddie Van Halen and and his drummer brother Alex. It's interesting stuff, about the VH brothers' Indonesian mother and Lithuanian music teacher, and how Eddie's playing was infleunced by playing piano and drums first, and features and often-interrupting Diamond Dave singing a snippet of "I Left My Heart In San Francisco." I'm assuming there will be more to come, becaise it pretty much cuts off mid-thought.

Van Halen's new album A Different Kind Of Truth, came out Tuesday. My review is here. Van Halen plays the Wells Fargo Center on March 5 and Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on March 24.

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